What we do

As your company grows and develops, it’s important to keep your priorities on track so your business plans are consistent with your long-term personal goals. Drawing upon our decades of experience working with Business Owners and our expertise in business, taxation, finance and risk management, M3 Advisors can help you in a wide variety of ways to prepare for and plan for business and personal financial success.

Why we do

Business Owners face a myriad of choices and issues concerning their business and personal financial needs. Often, there has been significant planning completed for both areas, but it is rarely integrated effectively. At M3 Advisors, we use our unique perspective to help Owners integrate the pieces of their financial puzzle in the most effective manner.

How we do

M3 Advisors focuses the engagement on our client’s business first. We do this because most Owners’ business interests make up the majority of their personal net worth. The business is also where the majority of potential tax efficiencies reside. It is typically where the least amount of planning has been done to integrate the business with the Owner’s personal goals.