What we do

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) – named „Germany’s Best Digital Lab“ – is the digital transformation spearhead of the world’s largest aviation corporation Lufthansa Group based in Berlin, Singapore and Shanghai. Our growing team of tech, design, market intelligence, venture capital and digital transformation experts engages in ongoing trend and market research, holistically incubates digital ventures, fosters strategic partnerships with existing players as well as invests strategically across the travel and mobility chain. Creating and capturing value for the Lufthansa Group beyond its core business of flying, the unit works closely with aviation experts of the Lufthansa Group as well as field-proven talent from the Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystem on a global scale.

Why we do

The LIH discovers, evaluates and implements new technologies in the context of Travel & Mobility Tech with and for industry-leading airlines such as Lufthansa, Eurowings, SWISS and Austrian Airlines, the frequent flyer program Miles & More as well as other renowned Lufthansa Group entities.

How we do

We are creative, hands-on, efficient, and excited about the possibilities of digitization. 1. Travelers are at the heart of all our activity. Their needs always come first, whether it be during the analysis of a problem or the implementation of a solution. 2. We search for projects which allow us to make full use of our unique positioning at the Lufthansa Group interface: we act, namely, as the connection between the Group and our contacts in the startup world. 3. We are entrepreneurial, both in thought and in action. This means we are fast, we try new things, and we can evaluate new business models without squandering resources.