Providing a working culture at Legend where our employees can grow in and outside of their job!

At Legend Logistics, we believe in providing a working culture where employees can grow both in
and outside of their job.

Ownership by every member

Having built an innovative organisation with traditional values, we sought to ask ourselves the question as we quickly entered our next phase of growth - How do we actively promote the winner mindsets and beliefs to encourage ownership of job and accountability? It is important that employees understand the rational of why certain task must be done in a certain way. Hence, we hold healthy and open discussions where employees feel safe and valued to contribute ideas and challenge the reason behind how things are done. Through regular coffee sessions with the Head of Departments and the Human Resource Department, employees can voice their suggestions while interacting across levels.

Engagement with traditions

With our size getting bigger and bigger, the Legend workforce is family and in spite of the pandemic, we remain more engaged and closer than ever. Some unique traditions and rituals include our annual Christmas and much-loved Chinese New Year decoration competition, where the top 3 decorated divisions are awarded with the grand prizes. Such activities improved our team cohesion and trust among employees in the respective divisions as they worked towards a collective goal even outside of their job scope.

Keeping fit and well together

For employee engagement, we organize regular exercise sessions such as badminton and cycling as part of our team bonding efforts. Prior to Covid-19, since Legend is a global outfit, we would organise annual overseas retreats that involves both local and overseas employees. This allowed our employees to meet their overseas counterparts (e.g., from India, Indonesia, Malaysia) and exchange their cultures. We hope to revive this cross-border engagements in the near future so that our new members can meet our stalwarts from different regional offices.
New engagement and innovative strategies implemented within the last year includes:

  • Innovation Monday: 30 minutes sharing of new and interesting innovations in the market (inside/outside of our industry) within divisions
  • Wellness Wednesday: 30 minutes sharing of lifestyle/wellness habits within divisions
  • Fitness Friday: 1 hour to engage in sports/fitness activities within divisions while adhering to Safe Management Measures
  • Healthy snacks and fruits day (biweekly)
  • Eat and exercise with your family day (early time-off once every month)

Doing Good as a Team

At Legend, it is crucial that while our business performs well, we also make it our priority to do good and lift others up alongside us. We planned CSR programmes such as the Coastal Clean Up Project, Food Bank, and Tree Planting Programme. From these initiatives, we involve employees of all levels to cultivate teamwork and build trust while giving back to the community. It is not just "top-down" surely, and we ensure to check in with employees after every activity to understand their sentiments. In an anonymous survey we found out that most employees enjoyed such engagement programmes and felt a greater sense of belonging and meaning in the company. As you can see, back to the starting point about ownership...We value employees’ feedback, and conduct routine interview/survey with employees to understand the overall sentiment of employees and feedback.

As our Legend Group celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we are constantly on the lookout for hungry and passionate talents. Connect with us through any of our openings to learn more about our Workplace Culture and Engagement!

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