What we do

Leadbook is a global customer intelligence database with 64,000,000 contacts from 7,000,000 organisations across 145 countries. From data acquisition to data enrichment, our proprietary artificial intelligence technology assets will boost your capabilities to discover key prospects within seconds. Users only pay for verified data and benefit from updates free of charge. Our customers, businesses of all sizes, are using our cloud-based platform for go-to-market insights, account based selling and lead generation. For more information and for a lifetime free account, please visit www.leadbook.com

Why we do

Leadbook helps sales teams discover new opportunities, build targeted lists in seconds and gain deep insights about their prospects and customers. Our focus is on providing incomparable B2B data for companies world-wide; more companies, verifiable data, extensive updated executive contacts and enhanced targeting. All of these come together in the Leadbook Global Leads Database to deliver consistent high quality opportunities that your sales team can close faster. No more wasting time on the wrong prospects. That is the Leadbook approach.

How we do

Leadbook uses data science to offer a revolutionary solution for obtaining business data, targeting the right prospects, and managing your marketing databases. Offering one of the world’s largest business database that is growing daily and regularly refreshed, Leadbook ensures you can quickly and easily find EXACTLY the information you need to accelerate your sales pipeline. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, we provide tools to find current contacts in your target companies and discover and validate email addresses. Beyond the data, Leadbook also provides professional services for smart targeting analytics and lead scoring to find and prioritise the right prospects.