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What we do

We develop mobile games!
LandShark Games team members.
LandShark Games is a games development studio founded in 2010 by Paul Naylor and Kim Tay Naylor. They are the creative force behind hit games such as Aviator, Monster Candy, and Zen Koi.

Why we do

We participate in industry events and shows.
Plugging our games at industry shows!
At LandShark Games, we believe in joy of play and telling meaningful stories. We believe that games should be made accessible to everyone. We believe in designing an amazing experience for people to interact with. We hope with the games we have made like 'Aviator’'and 'Zen Koi', we are helping to redefine the casual social games space, by ‘upgrading’ casual game players to mid-core social games with the focus on story-based gameplay.

How we do

We play games to understand game systems!
We take time out to share our knowledge.
As the social games market matures, players will demand more sophisticated, deeper gameplay experiences while still appealing to a broad audience. Our culture and game design philosophy is therefore geared towards surpassing this demand.