What we do

All pets deserve the best (and a little game of fetch every now and then!) so we’ve found all the finest pet products out there and created a place where we can share them with you. Right here, like-minded pet owners can find hand-selected, quality products; experience a hassle-free ordering and delivery process; and receive friendly and knowledgeable service.

Why we do

Kohepets believes in educating pet owners to help them to provide the best they can for their pets; we are constantly researching for more ways to enrich pet owners’ and their pets’ lives!

How we do

Tried and tested quality goods We love our pets and are obsessed with finding products that make a positive difference to their health, well-being and happiness. And we’ve assembled these all in one place. Everything we offer has been carefully researched and many of our goods have been tried and tested. Rest assured, if we won’t give it to our own pets, you won’t find it here. Hassle-free ordering and delivery We’ve worked hard to try and make every experience with Kohepets, from the shopping and ordering to the delivery, as hassle-free and efficient as possible so you can spend more time playing with your pup. We all agree that online shopping is much more fun when the site is running smoothly so ours is designed to make it a breeze for you to navigate, review the products and make a purchase. Friendly and knowledgeable service We take what we do seriously and being top dog in customer service is one of our priorities. At Kohepets, we care about our customers and hope to, not only make your dog happy, but you too.