What we do

Knowledge Catalyst is a visionary start-up with a focus on using technology to address the widening gaps of equitable learning and the future of work, especially the real challenges around getting access to quality education, acquiring and applying critical knowledge that, in turn, increases competitiveness and productivity at work. We approach this using the science of adult learning, taking advantage of the internet and smartphone technology combined with data analytics to optimize the quality of learning delivery, and the upskilling of the workforce. We build the most trusted digital credential ecosystem leveraging Blockchain technology for government, professional associations, higher education, accreditation bodies, and corporate learning and development globally. Our Credential Management Platform addresses the real problems around fraudulent and falsified certificates and verification of the status of the credentials, whether it is revoked, canceled, or expired. This significantly retains the reputation of the credential issuers, enhances the talent mobility opportunity recipients, and reduces the overhead from having to verify each credential manually.

Why we do

We believe that as the world progresses, it has to bring improvement in the standard of living. The basic needs to achieve that are adequate financial literacy and highly skilled and competent talents. Knowledge Catalyst is in its mission to enable everyone to have equitable access to Critical Skills and Competency Development to prepare them for the Future of Work, Here and Now.

How we do

Customer Focus, Respect and Trust