What we do

Greek for ‘glory’, Kléo is a small retail business dedicated to Christ. As a faith project, we aspire to set ourselves apart in the marketplace; trusting that this modest undertaking will be used meaningfully by God to encourage women, reminding them of His promises.

Why we do

We have drawn inspiration from the humble mustard seed and plant as our brand logo. As one of the smallest seeds in the world, it eventually flourishes into a large tree providing shade for those around it. We believe that God can use our faith as small as a mustard seed to edify women in our midst. Steeped in a culture that relentlessly chases after a narrow definition of success, it is easy to forget to nurture our given talents and strengths. This innate impulse of comparing and competing with another often leaves us even more discontented. Our products seek to remind women that we each have a place at the table; that we can put aside the competition, and simply be. At Kléo, we believe that every woman is uniquely and carefully designed, built for an extraordinary purpose. Her inimitable value therefore relinquishes any need for comparison; she need not fit herself into the mould. With this in mind, each curation serves to embellish the unique value of each woman who wears them. Sourcing thoughtful pieces and featuring their stories from all over the world, Kléo is committed to curating daily-use wearables. We have a penchant for selecting slow-made items that are functional, exquisite, and special to the artisans making them.

How we do

We are a women's fashion company. Here, we want to give everyone, especially women, a place to grow and lead. If you are open-minded, flexible, and interested to learn more about the retail sector, we are the right place for you! We strongly believe that everyone's opinions are valuable. Therefore, you can expect plenty of opportunities to express your inputs and see them come to fruition!