What we do

Kalvier Wonderland founded in 2007 by teacher Xiuwei, the studio continues growing year by year and registered as a Pte Ltd in 2022. Our piano Lesson run daily at Punggol with outstanding piano teachers who specialise in children piano education. Teacher Xiuwei is the owner of Klavier Wonderland Pte Ltd. She holds bachelor degrees in Art Education and Piano Performance in Fujian Normal University, China. She starts to be an assistant teacher in Xiamen, China when she was 17 years old during school holiday. She continues her teaching career after she graduated from a local school in Singapore and at the same times, she has pursued intensive study with Dr John Sharpley. For over 18 years, Xiuwei has taught students of all ages and levels of advancement in her private studio. Her students are recipients of numerous awards and regularly receive high ratings in competitions and festivals. Xiuwei is passionate in CSR programme (Corporate Social Responsibility), She has spent her time in many hope school and special needs school in China, sharing the love of music to the local students. At the same time, she is also passionate in Chinese Music. She works in Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2016 and Singapore Chinese Music Federation, Singapore Chinese Music Federation Youth Chapter since 2022. She always share the beauty of Chinese music to her piano students and find opportunities for them to collaborate and share.

Why we do

With Lifelong Appreciation and Enjoyment of Music through Passion. Unlock the Potential and Passion of Our Students in A Natural and Enjoyable Way.

How we do

Our class students are being taught by Deng Xiuwei (Founder), Mr Sun Siyi and Ms Ng Sin Yee, offering Daily Indiviudal Practical Lesson, Weekly Theory Classes, Quarterly Performnace/Competition and Examination Preparation. Our lessons/classes integrates strong basic foundation, technique building, exploration of repertoire and theory. Students may be considering taking on more challenging examination grades, participating in music festivals or competitions, auditioning as a music major or simply seeking to push their limits for the love of music.