What we do

Set up in 1987, Kee Song started by selling chickens to wet market vendors. Gradually, we widened our circle of vendors to include top hotels and restaurants in Singapore. A leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia today, Kee Song Group owns several farms to meet the increasing demands of our clients around the region. Besides rearing chickens, we also handle the processing, packaging and distribution of fresh chilled and frozen poultry. We are public listed in Taiwan. Over the years, we started embracing innovative farming techniques, in the hope of giving our consumers more significant health benefits.

Why we do

To provide our consumers with the greatest nourishment from our products, we push the frontier of innovation by introducing nutrients – such as carotenoids. Our chickens are fed with nutrients as specified by consumers. Kee Song always explores innovative solutions to ethical rearing of poultry to improve the environment through our sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In 2017, our poultry farms fulfilled requirements from the Ministry of Agriculture Agro-based Industry Malaysia and were awarded MyOrganic Certification.

How we do

Our Vision To provide mankind with better and healthier food choices, through sustainable practices. Our Mission 1. Of all Resellers - Maintaining a mutually gratifying relationship by being a quality food supplier with high ethical standards which resellers feel proud and confident in selling. 2. Of all Employees - To motivate employees to realise their full potential through an exciting working environment, equitable compensation package, learning opportunities and career advancement prospects. 3. Of all Customers - Passionately advocating our consumers healthier products for a healthier living and be the trusted brand known for quality, safe, nutritious and tasty products. 4. Of the Community - By setting an example in conducting business in a socially responsible way. Thus inspiring the community’s confidence in us