What we do

JobKred is workforce transformation platform that uses AI and data science to understand the evolving industry skills demand and guides people to close their skills gaps and navigate the future of work. Inspired by Gary's (CEO) personal experiences as a small business and startup owner, the focus turned to helping companies with one of their major challenges - recruitment. Finding a good hire can be tricky and tedious, but it remains a critical component of a company's success.

Why we do

JobKred started out as a weekend project, while co-founders Gary and Steven were still in full-time jobs. Initially with an emphasis on finding out how to quantify a person's job credibility (Job-Kred), the big data research was carried out over many months, and led to the creation of the algorithms used by JobKred today.

How we do

From Gary Gan (CEO): I think the best thing that people can gain from working with us is the experience of working with the team on this task, and learning from the other team members as well. If you have an interest in helping people, and learning about launching a startup, JobKred would be an ideal place for you.