What we do

We Specialise in Jewellery Skills
New Technologies and Traditional Techniques
JDMIS *is* Jewellery Education Founded in 2007, JDMIS is Singapore's only specialised jewellery school providing end-to-end jewellery education. The school’s founder and dean, Mrs Tanja Manuela Sadow is an award-winning designer and renowned jewellery educator with more than 30 years of experience across the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Since its establishment, JDMIS has trained over 5,000 individuals across 56 countries, as well as top local and international brands.

Why we do

Everyone in JDMIS is passionate about Creativity & Jewellery
Operations team, master instructors and entrepreneurs: join us!
Its in our blood! With generations of jewellery experience and a passion for creativity and sharing, everyone at JDMIS is here because of our passion for this sparkling industry! We do this because we enjoy innovating, creating and seeing how our graduates expand on what we teach to create truly unique designs, careers and businesses. Our participants come to us because: • JDMIS is THE best place to learn about jewellery! • JDMIS is trusted by the industry for training. • Participants at JDMIS are amazing and come from all walks of life • JDMIS courses are fun and enriching • Great networking

How we do

Relevant, up-to-date & fun training programmes!
Exciting graduate opportunities in the school and around SG
JDMIS is a dynamic small enterprise. It is a registered Private Education Institution with the Singapore Committee for Private Education, WSG ATO but more importantly, a place without politics or pretense. We operate 7 specialised classrooms and workshops out of the expansive MDIS campus in Queenstown and make sure our participants can hang-out here 7 days a week!