Invade: The Brains and Brawn Behind Artbox and Shi Lin Night Market

Invade is a space content activation company that wants to inspire and bring new content to the retail scene through creative solutions out of an ambitious dream.

We strive to build an inclusive culture for ourselves and our culture focuses greatly on having teamwork while being authentic to one another. Not to mention, work hard and play hard is our motto! 😜

With an unwavering desire for quality through our passion, regardless of our modest customer interaction, we seek to make people's dreams a reality 🎉 In essence, we want to offer opportunities and possibilities to better the quality of life for the people, by the people.

Creating Spaces of Potential, Bringing Content to Spaces

There’s always excitement at every corner for us. We constantly have interesting projects in the pipeline that are not only innovative but one-of-a-kind! 💯

When it comes to handling these interesting projects, the greatest motivation for us all would be when the team works together from start to end, through grit and grind. Nothing says more than that sense of accomplishment, fulfilment and the fruition of our combined efforts.

Quest to Build The Team

Our company seeks people with the right attitude. And of course, you’d need to have that drive for events and festivals. Teeming with enthusiasm and passion, this is the place where you can get out of your comfort zone, obliterate boundaries and turn your ideas into reality.

There’s a saying “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” (which is essentially true!): We celebrate successes and milestones together and we find joy and satisfaction in making great things happen ✨

Insider’s Tips

Mistakes are part of the experimental nature of life; Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is a great way for you to learn and unlearn 🙌 When things go awry, seek alternatives, look for new approaches rather than harping on it. Mistakes make you more moxie and enable you to discover your style.

Pay attention to your errors, no matter how big or how small they might seem. Recognize that each mistake made can be an opportunity for you to improve! 💪

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