What we do

Launched in January 2017, impress.ai helps recruiters at every stage of the talent acquisition process - from screening, interviewing, and shortlisting candidates at scale. Every applicant gets a chance to impress the recruiter through our chatbot.

Why we do

We believe in creating a fair hiring process. One where people are chosen based on their talent, knowledge, and capabilities as opposed to their gender, race, or name. Recruiters are often overwhelmed by the large number of applicants and don’t always have time to interview everyone. In scenarios like these, good candidates are rejected too soon. With the power of AI and intelligent automation, we want to transform hiring practices for the 21st century.

How we do

Our main product is impress.ai which is a productivity tool for enterprise recruitment teams to allow them to identify great candidates faster, more accurately and without bias. It allows the enterprise recruiter to generate and train an AI-powered Virtual HR Assistant that autonomously reviews resumes, runs screening interviews, answers candidate queries and keeps them updated at scale. This saves the recruiters up to 30% on time they can spend on top candidates instead.