What we do

Impact Credit Solutions (“ICS”) is a technology-driven institutional investor that invests in productive consumer and small business loans in Southeast Asia originated through alternative lending platforms. We combine deep expertise in alternative lending with best-in-class technology solutions to bridge international capital markets with underserved communities in Southeast Asia.

Why we do

We provide our platform partners with long-term capital to allow them to scale their businesses sustainably, while providing our investors with stable, downside protected returns. We believe in profit with purpose and seek to build longterm relationships with partners who share our values beyond financial returns.

How we do

EXPERIENCED AND WELL-CONNECTED MANAGEMENT TEAM Impact Credit Solutions (“ICS”) is managed by an experienced founding team combining deep domain expertise and noteworthy investment track records in alternative lending in Southeast Asia. At ICS, we believe in the compelling opportunity to diversify portfolios with an asset class that can offer very attractive risk-adjusted returns but also promotes greater financial inclusion across Southeast Asia.