What we do

Impact Advisory Group is a group of financial consultants representing Great Eastern Financial Advisers Pte Ltd. We take pride in advising our clients make the most informed choices regarding their financial plans. We make sure our clients make the best informed decision regarding their financial plans. We go about executing these plans with utmost integrity and honesty. We value long term relationships with our clients more than the short term gains of the industry.

Why we do

What We Specialise In: WEALTH PROTECTION When life throws a curve ball at you, we want you to be able to walk away unharmed. We help protect our clients's wealth with our extensive range of financial tools and products. WEALTH ACCUMULATION We need to make our money work harder for us. Knowing what and when to invest is crucial. Our clients trust us to build up their investment portfolio through different investment vehicles. WEALTH TRANSFER It is never too late for anyone to plan what happens to their assets when they pass on. We help clients navigate through difficult conversations and gain clarity about their legacy arrangements.

How we do

Our Guiding Values: Vision Everyone can make key financial decisions with clarity and confidence. Mission To Impact Peoples' life by matching their needs with our comprehensive solutions. Core Values Gratitudes, Integrity, Valor, Excellence, Respect. [GIVER]