What we do

iAPPS Pte Ltd is a pioneering financial technology (fintech) company experienced in mobile applications platforms, and we started with specialising in mobile app development and marketing.

Why we do

Today, we are changing the lives of domestic and overseas migrant working communities who are unbanked and underbanked across Asia and the Middle East, by delivering dramatically more accessible and cheaper financial solutions to them using the latest mobile phone technologies. In a nutshell, iAPPS is a fintech company building the region’s ‘Next Generation Bank’ by providing a one-stop mobile app platform for all personal financial needs.

How we do

Our Expertise For every project, we bring to the table cross-disciplinary specialists, all with a keen eye on the social mobile sphere: Business, Technology, Communications, Management Our Products We harness our 3 unique core products in technology R&D, strategically located in Singapore Science Park 1 to empower your business: - Mobile Social Commerce We help you administer advertising and promotion campaigns competently to generate more sales. - Mobile Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) We help you engage your customers collaboratively with seamlessly integrated mobile apps. - Mobile Social Sales Team We help you manage your sales team's productivity over real-time collective platforms.