Embrace the Old, Welcome the New

Greetings from Huggs Coffee!

Behind every brand is a story and here’s ours! Let us take you through our Huggs journey and how far we have come over the past decade!

Huggs for Everyone

Established in 2008, Huggs started its humble journey with a commitment to provide exceptional specialty coffee and delectable treats at everyday prices for everyone and anyone. Having served up smiles for over a decade, Huggs has expanded to become Singapore's largest local specialty coffee chain to date. With over 20 outlets on our little sunny island, Huggs has grown to be a place where everyone (be it our customers or employees) calls home and finds great comfort and warmth in!

There’s always something for everyone at Huggs! Along with our specially curated selection of ‘East meets West’ beverages which ranges from local kopi to specialty coffee and even caffeine-free drinks, we have a wide range of food selections which includes pastries that are freshly baked in-house.

Newly Refreshed Look, Same Ol’ Huggs

Do you know that you are actually looking at our brand new logo? Now you might be wondering why the change?

Amidst the uncertainties that the pandemic has created, all of us at Huggs have come to accept that the world is revolving and transforming continuously with new norms, and continuing doing what we have been doing is simply not enough. Despite it being a challenging phase for all of us, change is inevitable and we took the leap of faith to rediscover how we can enliven, grow and support communities through such trying times. To unlearn what we know and how we do things for the last 12 years was just painful. Nevertheless after a year of working on our brand transformation, we managed to brew the essence of our core values and redesign our mindset for the future. While embracing our sole purpose of providing warmth and comfort to everyone with great coffee and service, this refreshed identity conveys our aspiration to connect people and bring about meaningful collaborations among communities that are close to heart (and Huggs)!

With a refreshing colour of teal, the bear symbol resonates well with our long-established brand name – Huggs, signifying our brand identity of being strong yet warm and loyal. The bear looking forth to a certain direction simply represents Huggs being forward-looking and fondly anticipates the myriad opportunities to bring elevated experiences to everyone. In addition, as a simple direct representation to how a hug can possibly uplift your mood, Huggs is set to enliven your day and spirits through our wide range of offerings and brand experiences. We are indeed looking forward to the endless opportunities to bring elevated experiences and brew a smile to your face!

The Huggs Culture - Brewing Smiles Everyday

Our mission has always been to make a positive impact in people’s lives as we strive to uplift and inspire cultures and people – one cup, one experience, one community at a time!

So how exactly do we achieve that? Well it only takes 3 special ingredients:


We are dedicated to serve our best and offer great value in every cup. Here at Huggs, every aspect of our offerings are carefully crafted from ingredients to techniques. We consider ourselves a specialist when it comes to flavour and ensure every delicious cup served guarantees a smile.


With great flavours comes great responsibility! Aside from having quality products, we prioritise making a great environment for anyone that walks through our door– our team included. Every cup served is like a hug in a mug and every interaction is an opportunity to make somebody’s day. It has become our duty to uplift and be the brand for the people.

Doing Good

We also believe in doing good and establishing strong ties with communities through active involvement in social causes in a collaborative effort. Beliefs that you hold close to your heart and are important to you, should also be of great importance to Huggs. We invite everyone to be part of our effort to inspire positive changes and cultures together!

Now that we have told our story, we welcome you to tell us over a cuppa (or a lifetime's worth) and who knows where it will take you? You might potentially embark on a journey together with us!

Psst, we have a long list of job openings available. You will definitely find something that's up your alley! 😉

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