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I have experience for two months. It is a job related to developing. That company is electronic-related and we developed some solutions on camera. The company find the solutions for making IP camera intelligent, the camera can detect how many person in the room.



For now, I am working on KG project. I am a member of rescue team. If there is problems or conflicts on KG, I need to fix it. Also, I responsible for fixing the HRDatabank bugs and problems.



To be honest, it is a dream to work in Japanese company for me. When I saw this chance, I became surprised “Oh! That’s a chance for me! Why don’t try it?” So I filled in the form and answer the questions. I was really happy when I get the chance to interview. Extremely happy! For the chance that I can join to the crew, to the team. Meeting Safbi, Yassine, those are crazy guys (LOL)



HRDatabank is a good company with crazy ideas lol The ideas are out of the box. For example, to join the universities and let students work with us or other companies. It is very good idea.

Also, the platform brought out an idea that all the process can be done within the platform, from searching candidates to interviewing candidates. Some platform will ask candidates to leave their contact methods on their profile so that the company can find them. But in Offerme platform, there is a function for the interview.

I believe HRDatabank will grow up more and more.



Tunisia office is good but if we need to recruit more people, we will have to buy a new office. There is no place for the new guys lol


I feel happy when I was working, even lots of debugging debugging debugging debugging debugging debugging……

The atmosphere of the office is good. We can make some improvement to make it excellent. We have to paint (the wall)! lol



Crazy Developer! Always have some crazy actions lol

And they are very crazy in good ways that they would develop by themselves and make the cost for solutions become ZERO. Using a video chat plugin need around USD$30/month, and we able to make a solution with no money. And when I was testing the video chat function, they suddenly start to dance behind me, that was happened at 1am Hahahahahahahaha


(Who is the craziest guys?)

I don’t know. Sometimes Safubi, It’s depends on situation Hahahahahahahaha

Saif is crazy too, maybe the craziest one



Japan is very good! I studied on Japan before, for example, how to eat? How is the life in Japan?

However, from my experience until now, if you talk with them in English, they won’t respond to you. For example, I try to ask how to pay on bus, but no response from them.



Mifu = She is also responsible for the KG project, and her image is “We have to do this” “When to update?” “Please update! Please update!” Hahahahahahahahaha

She is a perfect tester!


Ueno San = He is a funny guy! He is always laughing even there are claims from user. He is also helpful and help me to understand what the claims are about.

(上野さん=彼は面白い人です。ユーザーからのクレームがあってもいつも笑っています。彼は優しくて、クレームについてわかりやすく教えてくれます。 )

Japan office is good as it has a nice view which is able to see the river. It also close to the convenience store and restaurants, it is convenience.

(日本のオフィスは川も見えていい景色ですね。コンビニやレストランも近くにあってとても便利ですね。 )

日本とチュニジア、どっちが好きですか? どっちが働きやすいですか?

I think my answer will be the same. I love Japan and I love Tunisia.

For the question that about easier to work, it is also the same since my workload is the same in Japan and Tunisia. Debugging Debugging Debugging Debugging Debugging….. LOL



I want to make HRDatabank a better and successful company!


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