What we do

Since Hook Coffee was incorporated, we have been driven by the idea that great coffee should be made easily available to everyone. From the convenience of our drip bags to our environmentally friendly shot pods - we deliver great coffee in every shape & form right to your door step, wherever that may be.

Why we do

Freshly Roasted Coffees Delivered To You. We want to share our love and knowledge of coffee with you, and with every cup of coffee, take you on a journey from our farmers’ hands to yours. We source the finest sustainably grown and ethically produced beans from farms in the developing world — and this is only the start of making a difference in people’s lives. 1. We source beans from the world's best farms, roast with state-of-the-art roasters, and deliver freshly roasted coffees direct to our customers. 2. Everything we do comes down to a simple calling - to empower coffee farmers and coffee lovers alike to make coffee better. 3. Though machine learning and constant conversations with our customers, we are creating a coffee experience specially for you, while making specialty coffee relatable and accessible to all.

How we do

Coffee has a long history of being part of human culture around the world. We are lucky to be in a time where quality coffee can be readily available at a click of a button and in so many choices. At Hook we listen. Through the growing demands of our friends and family, we have manged to create a library of coffee flavours that we have now come to know and love. We Collaborate. As we embark on new coffee endeavours, through rigorous research and development with industry leading partners and veterans, we continue to make specialty coffee accessible without compromising on flavour. We improve. We are constantly finding new innovative ways to make our process, our services, and our coffee better. As we learn and grow from our beloved coffee community, we will continue to make coffee better. Rinse and repeat. There are no secret formulas at Hook Coffee. We believe passion breeds success. The success of our brand is a testament to our love and passion we have for coffee.