What we do

Established in 1976, Hock Chuan Seng Pte Ltd is a family-owned Singapore company that specialises in the distribution of general building and hardware materials. Over the years, we have expanded the range of cement composites that we carry and also introduced our brand of CE certified safety equipment such as boots and helmet at our one-stop shop.

Why we do

We work closely with our customers to understand their product and delivery needs as well as price concerns so as to offer flexible delivery services and competitive prices. Several brands that we carry include Protec, Davco, S3, and Asia Cement.

How we do

General Building Materials: • Sand • Cement • Concrete • Gravel • Bricks • Blocks • Tiles • Steel • Wood Hardware: • House branded safety equipment • Bolts & nuts • Pipes & fittings • Power tools • Mechanical tools