What we do

Established in 2002, the Kewal Ramani Foundation (KRF) is the philanthropic arm of the Kewal Ramani family. Committed to making a positive impact, KRF collaborates with organisations in the fields of education, health, and the welfare and protection of children and women. One of the programs operating under the auspices of KRF is Her Rise Above, which aims to uplift women by providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey. Through Her Rise Above, KRF aims to foster resilience, independence, and empowerment among women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. A Singapore-based purpose-driven initiative, Her Rise Above was launched in 2019 to meet a need for 1-to-1 business essential skills training for women who were juggling their home-based businesses with caregiving or health issues. To date, Her Rise Above has mentored more than 40 women to Rise Above.

Why we do

[Our Vision and Mission] To empower women to start or grow their home businesses and increase their household income. Her Rise Above is a Singapore-based initiative that supports women, we call Risers, from low-income backgrounds in establishing or expanding their home-based businesses. Our dedicated mentors, known as Guides, provide individualised guidance and support over a 10-week program. We also offer funding opportunities to empower these ambitious women to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Our mission is to uplift Risers by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed for success. By promoting financial independence through home-based businesses, we contribute to the growth of households and communities. We are proud of our impact and remain committed to fostering economic empowerment for women.

How we do

[Our Values] We invest in women’s economic empowerment through essential skills mentorship. We are committed to women’s holistic growth and development - both from an economic standpoint, as well as emotional wellbeing and mindset. We believe that the power of entrepreneurship is an effective and sustainable way to provide opportunities for women to uplift themselves and prosper.