What we do

Hawkerpedia is an in-depth food resource celebrating hawker culture and championing independent F&B businesses in Singapore.

Why we do

Hawkerpedia's mission is simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around Singapore. Poised to become the definitive voice in the Singapore food community, we are an encyclopedic resource and online marketplace for all things local and delicious! What’s in the Hawkerpedia stable: Hawkerpedia.com.sg: Our website includes both user-generated contributions and in-house food guides and reviews. We attract more than 800,000 monthly visitors, and our Facebook page has more than 143,000 followers and growing fast. Hawkerpedia videos: A buffet of engaging moving visuals, from gratuitous food closeups to personality interviews, our snappy but succinct videos aim to educate and inform the hungry viewer. At the heart of our efforts is our dedication to supporting small and independent F&B entrepreneurs. We aim to simplify their operations and to provide a platform for them to reach a wider customer base to grow their business.

How we do

Innovative & Dynamic. We champion local hawker businesses and standalone stalls alike, and are big pushers of the spirit of innovation, to turn small businesses around and get them on their feet with the help of technology.