What we do

Hatch is a social enterprise built around the mission of unlocking digital’s potential for good, specifically in empowering individuals (Academy), accelerating businesses (Mediahouse), and creating sustainable impact (Social Innovation). At the heart of our work, we care about making a difference in ways that are intentional, transformative, and sustainable. The last three words are some of the most commonly misused and misrepresented. So, what do we really mean when we talk about them?

Why we do

Intentional. Transformative. Sustainable. Adhering to these principles means that we are a lot more selective than traditional businesses in what we choose to do. So far, that has served us quite well. We get to work on projects that we connect with and love, surround ourselves with people who share the same values as us, and grow the organisation in ways that we are excited by and proud of. You will identify with our company’s ethos if you have a heart for doing good better. The principles that we wrote above - contextualised in the projects that we take on - should innately call out to you. Given that we put so much of our time and energy into our careers, why not choose one that resonates?

How we do

We have found our greatest advantage to be in having a committed, ambitious, and fun-loving team. To continue growing and developing our team, we are committed to providing: • Competitive compensation, benchmarked to be minimally on par with the sector, and reviewed annually based on performance. • Personal development and growth opportunities. By the nature of our work, we invest heavily in every team member with new opportunities naturally emerging over time. • Flexible work arrangements, where we trust those we bring on to be accountable in working towards their individual and team goals.