What we do

Global Vision Multimedia is one of the most trusted end-to-end provider of multimedia delivery solutions for audiovisual, broadcast media, information technology and other related fields that utilize multimedia technologies. Global Vision Multimedia builds artfully designed and comprehensively managed network and multimedia technology solutions, which support consistent and compelling branding, provide an improved overall audience experience and support your objective.

Why we do

If the soul of our projects is all about storytelling, then the brains and muscle come from our technical prowess. We bring a holistic view of technology to our projects. We don’t use technology for technology’s sake — in the end, it should be seamless and invisible to your audience. Our in-house audiovisual experts create dazzling aural environments through a combination of hardware engineering and software artistry. GVM’s Advantage - Centralized project management in APAC - Local expertise in each region - Fully bilingual supports - Close relationship with manufacturers and suppliers in each region - On top of emerging technology - Highly qualified engineers, technicians, programmers and project managers Create Connect Creativity Down-to-earth visual communication. We rank 8th of 500 Top fast-growth companies in the Asia Pacific. https://www.ft.com/high-growth-asia-pacific-ranking-2021

How we do

Our technical designers speak a multidisciplinary language that encompasses every aspect of our work, video projection, show control, lighting design, interactive media & specialized sound systems, creating an inherent symbiosis between a project’s creative vision and its practical realization. Our technical teams understand the seamless integration needed to create innovative environments that bring your brand and vision to life. We plan far in advance for things like speaker locations, projection envelopes, lighting arrays, and maintenance access for all of the above, integrating these layers into the project as early as possible to make sure there’s no surprises later on.