What we do

Groundup.ai aims to empower every workplace to be an AI-driven company. Groundup.ai helps industrial companies prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary wastages through the use of our proprietary IoT sound sensors and AI platform to attain substantial cost savings in machine maintenance without the need for a huge learning curve and high risk deployments on ground. We envision that our clients will be using our AI tools and IoT devices as a base in their everyday lives.

Why we do

We believe that fundamentally, we were brought into this world to create an impact for the next generation before leaving it. Every individual should have an opportunity to rise up the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We all have our innate goals, be it empowering others, pursuing our creative dreams, helping the less fortunate, spending more time with our families, or even purely for survival. Our company exists to inspire and help mankind to achieve these goals by striving for a revolution in the workplace, bringing our ‘mankind-first’ approach and technology to create an impact. Our Vision We aim to empower every workplace to be an AI driven company. We envision that our clients will be using our AI tools as a base in their everyday lives. We pursue real measurable impact on the products and services that we deliver to clients, and we do not purely chase top line growth as a company.

How we do

Our business units have gone on to win multiple prestigious awards and recognitions from government bodies and esteemed organizations. If you are interested in joining this dynamic and creative team in this journey, we would love to speak with you. We value team members who execute ideas with gusto and have an insatiable appetite to win. Groundup.ai has been able to achieve market leadership positions in industries we are involved in and we are able to prove our concepts rapidly. After all, we live only once and we make the best out of it.