What we do

In 1987, two graphic designers started Grid with a mission to make an impact on the local creative scene. Today, we continue to build on this foundation and remain a competitive and independent industry player, creating awe-inspiring and engaging works. Our full-service idea lab deftly handles creative tasks from the smallest to the largest, all the way up to full-scale event management. Along the way, we have seen design trends come and go, but solid thinking, great ideas and execution never go out of style. And that is why we have held fast to our design philosophy for the last three decades.

Why we do

We are a network that inspires, nurtures, and protects creativity, all with an eye to building enduring relationships between brands and consumers. We use a holistic approach to brand building, touching every contact point a consumer might have with the brand, like packaging, merchandising, advertisements on billboards, television, radio or the web, promotions and events. We define advertising strategy, build the brand identity and execute advertising activities driving demand for products and services.

How we do

Our belief is in disciplined and professional processes that allow us to effectively harness our creative potential. It’s a simple but proven approach that you will appreciate, and which produces work that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective.