What we do

GRGBanking devotes itself to the digitalization and intelligence of technological solutions for global markets, builds intelligent applications and scenarios in various fields, and commits to becoming a leading innovative solutions provider.

Why we do

GRGBanking is a well-known provider in the financial self-service industry and aims to become a leading AI solution provider in the world with its innovative technologies and solutions. GRGBanking was founded in Guangzhou, China in 1999, and was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange market in 2007. Since 2008, GRGBanking was the No.1 ATM supplier in China, and now GRGBanking is the Top 3 vendor in the financial self-service industry in the world with more than 330,000 pieces of equipment deployed in over 80 countries. VTM is a pioneering banking channel solution that leverages video conferencing technology to integrate the merits of self-service and counter service, providing a full range of banking experiences with a smaller footprint. GRG iBank solution adopts video service technology, and remote assistance technology is dedicated to user experience design and brings a remote virtual counter-like service experience. By migrating over 90% of traditional counter services to the VTM, this solution greatly alleviates the service handling pressure of counters. With this solution, banks innovate financial services and increase their competitive edge. GRG Equipment (Singapore) Pte. Ltd is one of the subsidiaries and devotes to expanding the Singapore market. Nowadays, GRG-SG forms a good relationship with its clients and launched innovative products in Singapore.

How we do

Facing a new wave of technological revolution, GRGBanking continues to focus on the Intelligent Finance business, while rapidly expanding the artificial intelligence industry, building intelligent applications and scenarios for customers in various fields, and committing to becoming a leading innovative solutions provider, so as to make the innovation for a better life.