What No One Tells You About Grab

Grab is Southeast Asia's leading super app — providing transportation, logistics and financial services. Powered by heart, Grab aims to enable communities and elevate lives across Southeast Asia, all with the goal of doing good through our work 🙌

Back in 2012, Grab started with the simple dream of making Southeast Asia a better and safer place for our communities. Fast forward seven years later, we are 6000+ Grabbers strong making this dream a reality via our everyday super app and services 🚗📱

At Grab, we believe in four core values: Humility, Heart, Honour and Hunger. We are here to outserve our communities with their best interests at heart, we do the right things to get the right results, and we are hungry for success 🔥

Career, Community, Cause

It is evident to all Grabbers why the company exists — to drive Southeast Asia forward by elevating the lives of everyone. As a Grabber, we are empowered to work on our passions from the ground up.

Recently, we took part in the ​Hair for Hope donation drive​ to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. What started as a ground-up approach culminated in over 111+ Grabbers and driver partners shaving their heads for a good cause. Even our CEO is now on board! 🙈

Grab really cares about the community and the region. We are committed to driving Southeast Asia forward, and that includes developing future talents that will contribute to making SEA the next Silicon Valley 🌏 To do that, we are ​sponsoring hackathons for local communities​, partnering with industry players to promote AI​, and ​launching traineeship programs ​for local tech talents in Singapore.

The Secrets of a Grabber

Grabbers care ❤️️ — we are passionate about what we do and about creating impact through doing good for the region. We take the initiative to always improve the work that we do as well as our friendship with fellow Grabbers.

Grabbers are team players 🙋🙋‍♂️ — Grab would not be where we are today if not for everyone pitching into our growth. We make it a point to lend a helping hand whenever needed because no Grabber is an island.

Grabbers know how to have fun 😎 — from happy hours in the office to family festivals at the beach, Grabbers are just as good at having fun as we are in our work. No space for boring people here!

Mould the Career You Want For Yourself

Grab is somewhere where you will be able to see your work drive real impact in real communities around you. Make the most of your time as a Grabber to do good for Southeast Asia and don’t forget to make some lifelong friends along the way! 😉

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