What we do

Esen Interior Boutique started in 2019. During this time, we have gained tremendous practice and have developed our own family, starting from a humble group of 3 to a having 12 designer with almost 10 years of experience in the field.

Why we do

Interior Design for us is not just a job, but is passion, hobby and a favorite thing of a lifetime. Our designer provides outstanding design service for retail, commercial, residential and leisure spaces throughout Singapore. Everything you see is originally done by us. We do not use any templates and universal, each interior design project is individual and is created as an integral composition of tastes, needs and lifestyle of the client.

How we do

Esen Interior Boutique guarantees the quality of our services we provided and we also provides full support at all stage of the project; from the first day of meeting, to proposing design concept, to coordinate worker to job site and to a happy handover day. We aim to serve and not just deliver.