What we do

Good Job Creations thrives on being an agency providing Human Resources Services that believes in the potential of the "People" and "Corporations" in the Southeast Asia region. For corporations that seek for personnel as one of the essential aspects of their business. For people who wish to pursue a career that is fulfilling. Our strength is the ability to bring together "People" and "Corporations" that might never have crossed each other's paths. We believe that "People" and "Corporations" connected through our services will have opportunities to grow and learn, creating a positive impact. We will continue to believe in the possibility of all "People" and "Corporations". Good Job Creations will continue to learn, grow, and expand while striving to provide the optimal Human Resource Services.

Why we do

Our team of earnest individuals with different strengths and expertise are brought together with a shared belief – “Your Possibility, Our Passion”. Established in 2006, Good Job Creations has grown from its humble beginnings with a team of 3 members to its current standing as part of a growing organisation with global outreach. Part of the Japanese listed Will, Good Job Creations has ambitious plans to monopolise the market in the region and to continue to attract top talent onboard the team. We are confident that our dynamic teamwork, positive attitude and personalised support will assist in the growth of both businesses and individuals.

How we do

Teamwork We believe that our teams are our greatest assets. We believe in the importance of working within and between the teams. Trial and Error We are not afraid to take on new challenges. We constantly seek to evolve so as to keep up with the ever-changing business. Fun and enjoyable We believe that a fun work environment motivates our staff and they are likely to be more productive.