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What we do

Join an established start-up on point to becoming a BILLION-dollar company in the next 5 years!! Why join Gnowbe? Join the growing movement that is pioneering micro-learning through the use of smartphones! Gnowbe is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Singapore. We specialise in workplace education through “micro-learning” – short-form, gamified courses on a phone that take no more than 10 minutes a day - We are ranked as one of the top 20 start-ups in ASEAN! - Be part of an exciting start-up environment with a passionate and young core of team members! - You will be mentored, coached, developed, and ultimately learn as we believe in investing in our people - Huge resume booster with the opportunity to lead: Helm projects independently and take ownership of deliverables and outcomes! - Meet a multitude of different clients and gain business exposure on a multi-national level

Why we do

Our mission is to raise consciousness, foster authentic human connection, and inspire behaviour change.

How we do

Gnowbe replicates the workshop experience into the mobile app to empower learners to learn, think, apply and share. Our unique learning design interface allows learners to discover new skills through our various learning actions including videos, audio, pictures and many more. Transformational learning happens when learners start to think. Gnowbe creates opportunities for critical reflection and trigger radical changes in thoughts and perspectives for your learners. To measure clarity, competence and application, Gnowbe guides learners to apply critical thinking and creativity into the workplace. Learning in a safe & secure community allow learners to explore and share insights, reflections, and multimedia content. This creates a culture where “Anyone can teach, and anyone can learn.”