What we do

Gluu's mission is to make mobile connectivity accessible - cheap and easy. Even when you travel. The Gluu peer-to-peer connectivity cloud aggregates mobile connectivity shared by individuals and retail establishments so that anyone can connect securely to it, ANYWHERE.

Why we do

Our vision is to make connectivity easy and ubitiquous to bring access to economic opportunities the internet brings. Because nearly half the world today either remains unconnected or finds internet inaccessible. By allowing anyone to supply connectivity, we make each willing device a hotspot, thus exponentially improving the accessibility and experience.

How we do

Glits is a credit that is earned when anyone shares mobile connectivity, and can be used to redeem for product vouchers in the Gluu Store. It can be purchased by travellers who would like to access connectivity at local rates offered by the community. It is also on a pay as use basis which significantly reduces the costs of roaming.