What we do

Our company provides services related to the engineering properties of the earth and the design and construction of structures built on or in the ground. We typically offer a range of services, including Instrumentation, soil investigations, soil testing, foundation design, and geotechnical analysis.

Why we do

Geotechnical engineering is important because it helps ensure the safety, stability, and durability of buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. By understanding the properties of the ground and the potential hazards it presents, geotechnical engineers can design structures that can withstand the forces of nature and provide long-lasting support.

How we do

Our company operates by providing a range of services to clients who are planning to build or renovate structures. These services may include site investigations to assess the soil and rock conditions, geotechnical analysis to evaluate the stability of the ground and potential hazards, and foundation design to ensure that the structure is supported properly. we also provide testing and monitoring services during construction to ensure that the design is being implemented properly and to detect any potential problems early on. Additionally, we offer consulting services to help clients navigate regulatory requirements and other issues related to construction in Singapore.