What we do

FunPax is a social gaming platform that brings together players from all over the world. As a committed entrant in the SEA mobile gaming industry, FunPax is fully invested in bringing the most promising content from Chinese game developers, deep localization and publishing for international markets. Besides SEA, Blin Network Pte. Ltd. (FunPax) also operates in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Why we do

Established in 2012, we currently have offices in Singapore, Beijing, and Jakarta. Our teams consist of former employees of various leading players in the SEA online games industry including Cherry Credits, Asiasoft, and Garena, with years of experience developing and operating numerous successful online games. Since its inception, Funpax has added Mysteries of Warcraft and Tap Final Hero to its roster of successful products in the SEA market with the number of players rising rapidly.

How we do

We value: - Creativity - Honesty - Efficiency - Execution