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What we do

JLO of Fort Financial Representing AXA, we want to give massive exposure to individuals about the financial industry, equipping them with the ability & necessary skillsets to handle clients both B2B & B2C. You will undergo a 90 days(3 months) back to back intensive mentoring, receive 1st hand experience learning not just technical but soft skills to push your personal growth to the NEXT level. Offer your clients tailor-made wealth solutions, access to majority of managed funds available world-wide & accredited investor funds. Client's needs are our top priority, crafting financial strategies to improve the quality of their financial situation.

Why we do

We are a committed group that is always striving to be better than our yesterday's selves. We are hungry for success & driven by growth. My Promise To You! Become part of the top leading unit, working with people that are hungry for success & driven by growth. These will be the people who you grind with day in day out, to achieve tip top results. I strongly believe in investing in my team. The reason is simple, because the team is only as strong as the weakest link. So if you are in my team, I want you to grow to your fullest potential and be successful. I believe in empowering people to allow them to be the best they can be. I will invest time to personally mentor & support my team, to enable them to achieve what they desire to achieve. Enjoy lucrative growth path once you are grounded in the foundations and become good in what you do & prove yourself worthy. Whether is it to be a manager within 1.5-2 years or run your own team, the path will naturally open up for you. I've mentored and coached many people. Those who put in effort & commitment and followed the path have ALL became someone worthy of respect. (Of course those who didn't, didn't.)

How we do

We focus heavily on providing our services to corporate business(B2B) & provide customized portfolio management for clients(B2C). Here's YOUR opportunity. Let me share with you what happened with my associates so far..... Terence Ng Jin Yew, 24 Financial Services Manager I've spent my whole life living up to people's expectations, not having an aim of my own. It was only during the last months of my army service when reality hits me - that if I don't have a plan after I ORD, aside from going into a local university, I knew I had to nothing special to give myself an edge against my peers and the other scholars. I knew I had to do something other than just getting my degree like everyone else. When I ORD, I still didn't have a plan. To make things worse, within a short one month, I was literally broke and could not even make ends meet. It was the worst time of my life. By fate, I met Joshua who coached and mentored me not just in financial knowledge, but skills that couldn't be taught or learnt from books. He also made me consider several aspects of my life and requested me to come up with a goal for myself to achieve in 5 years & 10 years, which he guaranteed me that he will do what it takes to help me achieve it. And in just 3 months into joining his team, I was earning a stable $6,000+ each month, to comfortably pay for my school fees and to repay my parents. Even my peers who graduated from university wasn't earning as much. Furthermore, I was still a year 1 student. Joshua's coaching has propelled me forward in life tremendously - I've gained life skills and matured so much as an individual that my peers couldn't believe how much I've changed for the better. Finding my passion and driven & being successful at the age of 24 is really a big deal to me. And with a clear direction of my aims and goals in life now, I am constantly looking for growth opportunities and working towards my finishing line. I am proud to say that I did not disappoint my mentor Joshua and my team. Melody Tan, 23 Agency Development Manager Hello, I'm Melody. Though i'm only 22, i've been a piano teacher over the past 6 years as i have a DipABRSM and graduated from School of the Arts. As most would think, teaching can be an extremely stable, sustainable, lifetime job. Most people wouldn't understand how i feel unless they experience how stagnant it actually is. Sitting back in the same old chair in my living room, seeing the same faces, repeating the same things. It might have been fun as a hobby, but not as a lifelong career. As the only child, i was also well aware that i would have to one day be responsible for taking care of my parents through their retirement on my own. With that in mind, i decided to take that leap of faith. The one thing that drew me to this career, is the fact that i can get rewarded for every bit of sincere hard work put in for every person i meet. Joshua always tells me, so what if I'm the youngest in the entire industry, if people can do it, why can't i? Every single day when i go to work, i ask myself this question over as a constant reminder and always keep the momentum going. Having met Joshua and his team has taught me the fact that nothing is unattainable as long as you put in your 100% effort and soul into it, and they were right about every bit of that. The determination, the right skill sets, having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life is not something that just any ordinary career can offer. Never have i once turned back to question my decision joining Joshua. I am also well aware that being able to earn triple of an average fresh graduate is close to impossible for a 22 year old. All i could say is that the impossible has been made possible. Thank you Joshua, for making me the person i am today. He taught me many invaluable techniques that you won't be able to learn from those so-called experts.