What we do

FITMEAL Dining at 30 Maxwell is our first dining concept in Singapore where we aim to elevate the experience of enjoying a healthy meal. You can watch your FITMEAL being prepared, see the goodness in each ingredient and pick your very own FIT - because we believe in creating a MEAL specifically designed to FIT you.

Why we do

FITMEAL started as a healthy meal delivery service in Bangkok back in 2018 focusing on using premium natural ingredients. Today, the FITMEAL family includes FITMEAL Cafes, grab & go outlets, and meal plans. CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN FIT We believe you should be able to CUSTOMISE your own fit when it comes to what you eat. Set your diet goal and try to achieve it with FITMEAL.

How we do

We support local Thai farmers who are committed in sustainable farming and also work together with our partners in building a better environment for our community. We seek individuals who are passionate about growing the health-conscious community in Singapore, serving our customers the right meal and enhancing our aim to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable business!