What we do

FathomX is an early-stage spinoff from the National University of Singapore and National University Health System that focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence Solutions for medical applications. Our flagship product, FathomMammo, is an AI Assistant that analyses digital mammograms to assist in early detection of breast cancer. Through the use of deep learning technologies and clinically validated parameters, the assistant is able to detect abnormal lesions, estimate one's risk of developing breast cancer and automatically generate a radiology report for use by clinicians. This improves both the efficiency and accuracy of clinicians on the ground.

Why we do

We have a great research team and see the potential of our research in being translated into medical applications that can create impact on the ground and better medicine.

How we do

We believe in creating a small team with a common purpose to bring the healthcare of tomorrow today and generally have a flat structure that allows for extensive collaboration among team members.