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What we do

Create a blueprint for your right IT strategy.We deliver IT Strategy,IT Purpose, Value, Positioning,IT Architecture and IT System Development (Web, E-commerce, Mobile App)
小さな目標であろうと、大きな目標であろうとも、 達成するまでには様々な道のりが待ち受けています。 どんな目標も、日々の小さなゴールを 積み上げていかないと、そこに到達することはできません。 Everest Appでは、先ずユーザーの近未来のスケジュールと過去の思い出を 簡単に楽しく管理できるお手伝いをいたします。 更に、個々のユーザーに合わせたイベントや予定をご提案する事で、 各ユーザーの目標達成のお手伝いをしていきたいと考えています。 その機能は次のアップデートで実装する予定です。

Why we do

“Do something to amaze the world”.
Do something to Amaze the world Amazing Story inc. is foundation of all opportunities and possibilities. We strongly believe that simplicity is priceless value for many. When life become too complex we lose our focus and that impact little. Amazing story begins of couple of MBA students in Japan with A simple vision of “Do something to amaze the world”. We are a group of passionate professionals who thrive for creating innovative products and services. Our team member has very unique and diverse backgrounds. We believe that global diversity team can solve for global business agenda. Even if you face tough and new questions, With “Can Do spirit” we can solve all the questions together. Be our next Can Do Spirit Leader!

How we do

You’ll find the simple secrets to our success: People who have found their purpose. Teams that are encouraged to collaborate. All kinds of thinkers, dreamers and builders who are naturally both creative and strategic. At Amazing Story Inc., you’ll have an endless supply of new experiences as you do work that connects with people all over the world. And you’ll do it in an environment that helps you grow in every part of your life.