This is the final part of a seven part series.

Having the right education and information is key in adapting to the ‘new normal’. The AF4C Employment Reimagined event, organised by ELPIS@Hideout, aims to provide real time connection and education for all attendees and jobseekers, to lead then onto new paths and viable options.

With special guests and industry professionals, the event brought together the entire employment ecosystem so in case you miss it, catch up on the highlights below to discover how you can emerge stronger in your job search journey!

In this final part, we had an opportunity to learn how AI is disrupting businesses and changing lives, and how we can take advantage of this. Stuck in a CV rut? Quest Institute guided us on how to write and impressive CV. Lastly, The Doodle People talks about the emerging & impact of AR and VR in businesses, jobs and our daily lives.

NTUC LearningHub on AI

By Isa Nasser, Head of ITC Division, NTUC LearningHub

New Normal CV Writing 101, learn from the professional

By Andre Cheong, CEO of Quest Institute

Technology in the New Normal: AR / VR

By Timothi Ellim, CTO, The Doodle People

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