What we do

ELPIS @ Hideout - a social enterprise that specializes in change and incorporates change in all we do. Change is Today’s enabler for greater adaptability, in business and in life. Everyone at ELPIS @ Hideout are agents of change because we believe that change is an absolute necessity for survival in the New Normal. If Change is your new reality, we are your partner in achieving that, with our regional teams and partner networks. As social entrepreneurs, we curate and create our own signature campaigns of social impact. These campaigns are fully owned and managed by ELPIS, with selected participation from clients and partners, who share a similar social vision with us. We enable lives through our 3 social pillars - People, Earth and Food.

Why we do

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others" - Audrey Hepburn * A MOVEMENT TO EMBRACE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER * #AF4C - A Fraction For Change, wants you to be an inspiration and take that first step. Your one small step can change the world and inspire others to join you. We would like to hear your story on change. Change is today's new constant, but it does not have to be daunting. With one small step at a time, you can Change the world. Start Now and Start from yourself. No small change is ever insignificant. It is in not trying that you keep yourself from discovering your true potential.

How we do

We partner with our clients to drive change and we do it through our complete suite of services (ICE2), with our regional teams and our strong partner networks in research and idea generation, international media representation, event creation and execution, with the latest creative technology deployment in digital, animation, AR and VR. Our unique selling point lies in our extensive partners, clients and sponsors network in the region and our ability to connect the right people with the right business opportunities to create success. As results are important to every strategy and campaign deployment, we are able to provide comprehensive evaluation and measurement tools on success using technology and data.