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Elevating Studio Pte Ltd is a new consultancy firm in Singapore, providing independent technical consultancy and asset management services for vertical transportation systems in any type of building. Our expertise in the Elevator & Escalator industry is Elevator New Design, Elevator Maintenance and Elevator Modernization. To serve our customers better and give them more insight in their elevator status, Elevating Studio has designed a Software Tool. With this new tool the elevator world is going to be safer, more efficient and a big change in the elevator business.

Why we do

We want to provide our customers with the best and most innovative Vertical Transportation Consulting Services. We do that by committing to our values: Independent, humble services with: -a 'Wow' factor - Open and honest relationship - Clear communication - Passion and determination - Growth through knowledge In this manner, the customers are completely aware what is happening behind their elevator doors.

How we do

We are a young company with HQ in Singapore and offices in Bangkok, Sydney and Manila. We are all dedicated employees, who are very enthusiastic to engage customers in this new approach of the elevator industry.