What we do

EISOL is one of the leading Singapore POS System vendor and cloud integrator specialise in SaaS platform, mainly POS systems. We are country partners for global well known retail and hospitality solutions such as Vend, Eats365, Timely and more. ​EISOL understand the power of integration and built our software development team since 2012 to integrate solutions we represent with ERP, accounting software, CRM, BI analytics and shopping mall management systems. POS system (Point-of-sale) Cloud-based is one of the leading POS system Singapore experts that transforming the way retail and restaurant businesses operate. With real-time connection across outlets, it makes it so much easier for businesses to manage multiple outlets and utilizing the real-time sales transaction data, business owners are able to make the accurate decision and focus on what is important. We represent Vend Omnichannel Retail POS software (Retail management system) that has pre-approved by PSG grant and Eats365 iPad POS System that provide the most complete function for restaurant and any F&B business to help the SME to overcome the rising cost and competition from other sales channels. Since 2013, there are more than 800 merchants in Singapore who benefit from the modern POS machine that we promote. The reliability of our platform empowers SME clients to do more with lower cost and high competitive advantages.

Why we do

EISOL start with a mission to deliver cost effective IT solution to empower our company to do more. We believe that by adopting the right IT solution to help automate the business process will reward the company nicely and stay ahead of the fierce market competition. We are one of the leading cloud-based pos systems providers approved by IMDA to promote the world’s best retail and F&b point-of-sale software to local and regional SMEs. We take pride in being part of the journey with SME clients transitioning to the digital economy and providing them with highly reliable and dependable software to manage their business and seeing them grow. In EISOL, we can offer you various opportunities from sales and marketing to technical roles such as solution architects. We help SMEs to adopt proven digital solutions and adapt to the new digital economy. EISOL being one of the earlier SaaS providers in Singapore, we have experienced the benefits that digital solutions to reduce cost and increase productivity for us and we know it will work for other SMEs.

How we do

We are the new breed of the technology company that cares less about formal dressing or must come to the office on time as long as you are comfortable and able to deliver the result. We focus on generating new ideas, reinventing the process, and making it better. And we care about our customers and strive to make them successful.