What we do

EAT Launchpad is a platform for entrepreneurs, powered by technology. Our vision is to be the one-stop platform for entrepreneurs. Our mission is to improve the success rate of startups.

Why we do

Statistically, 95% of the start-ups fail and most of them fail at their early stage. The main reasons for failure are co-founder issues and invalid business ideas. At EAT Launchpad, we believe that by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to connect and learn the basics of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs would be better prepared for the challenges they would face during their entrepreneurial journey.

How we do

We have a full range of resources to support entrepreneurs and startups. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our platform is able to deliver all kind of resources entrepreneurs need at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. By analyzing their engagement data, EAT Launchpad is able to identify their exact needs and match them with the most suitable resources, ranging from educational information, co-founders, business tools, advisers, investors and many more.