What we do

Digitus.sg represents a global network of CRM implementers, aka top partners from Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, Magento, Marketo, Oracle, SugarCRM and Microsoft. Our vision is to become the world’s biggest CRM partner community. The core element of our company is to provide partners with qualified leads for CRM implementations. We generate the lead, identify the best suitable partner based on the customer needs and then connect 1-3 partners. As a young start-up in Singapore, our target audience are German and English speaking companies in SEA, ANZ and EU seeking the best suited implementation partner within or outside their region. Our office is based in a co-working space which allows cross company collaboration and learning. We aim to open an office in Germany end of 2019 or beginning 2020.

Why we do

Vendors are typically asking partners for pipeline contribution, with partners being focused around implementations rather than marketing, many of them are struggling. Further, there is limited collaboration between partners and across vendors, which significantly reduces economy of scale. So far, there are hardly any marketing agencies focus on demand generation of CRM partners.

How we do

Combine partners around the world on our platform for them to cooperate and possibly share resources as well as building out their pipeline.