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What we do

HAVENCE is a small, passionate start-up dedicated to the empowerment of educators. We honour them through providing institutions with innovative solutions that radically revamp the way that teachers, parents and students interact.

Why we do

At HAVENCE we believe in enriching educators, as we understand that they serve a higher purpose. We are dedicated to supporting educators by bringing intuitive and user-friendly solutions to them, cutting down the time they spend on administrative tasks. This lets them fully engage in teaching and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

How we do

We are currently deeply involved in the education sector, and work closely with official agencies on the next wave of smart solutions in Singapore, a holistic management system that brings intuitive efficiency to daily operations. But that’s just the start. Because here at HAVENCE, we have a vision for the future of education. We believe in attracting great people and organizations, changing lives, enriching this generation and ushering in a brighter future.