What we do

Data Clean Asia specializes in maintenance and the identification, cleaning, and remediation of contamination. We provide maintenance services for a variety of controlled environments, from cleanrooms to not-so-clean rooms. Data Clean has also further strengthened its leading position in the industry with the award of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14644 certifications by an independent third-party auditor and registered certification body, EPI Certification. Visit www.datacleanasia.com for more details.

Why we do

As industry leaders, Data Clean is committed to minimizing our environmental impact, and to support our clients in doing the same at their facilities. We have an ethical responsibility to our clients, employees, business partners, communities, and world for the management of natural resources and care for our environment. Through our worldwide affiliates, Data Clean Asia Corporation delivers best in class cleaning and maintenance to data centers, cleanrooms, and other mission critical environments all over the globe. As industry leaders, we recognize our global responsibility to establishing and promoting environment friendly best practices.

How we do

Data Clean Asia is built on the principals of fair treatment and direct dealing with our customers and employees. We are more than just a corporate entity, we are a team! We treat our customers as we want to be treated - ethically and respectfully. We strive to provide all employees with fair treatment, a safe working environment, open communication, and competitive pay and benefits. Every member of our team is entitled to dignity and respect as an individual.