What we do

Cutting Edge offers precision cutting service, providing state of the art modern cutting services and interior fittings solutions. We're an innovative and progressive company with a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience that draws from past success, with more than a decade of experience in the architectural, interior design, and building industries.

Why we do

Using our clients' architectural vision and construction goals, we will ensure that their projects gets the design that is right for its needs. We are a deeply creative company that strives to do its best in providing designs and products suitable for our clients' business needs. We specialize in creating items like signages, panels, and more using services like die cutting or laser cutting with excellent quality. Let your designs and logos come to life with our expert handling of a diverse number of materials for your benefit. The combination of our vast industrial experiences led to the creation of Cutting Edge Pte Ltd, allowing us to deliver impressive results with quality. We also provide design-assist services specifically in the acoustical system requirements, collaborating with all our partners for the most efficient design possible.

How we do

Designing and constructing is in our blood. Cutting Edge is a company that strives to provide you with excellent, top quality services in interior design and architecture. We work with a diverse variety of materials to provide you with memorable and effective signages, panels, materials and more. We always strive to deliver the best results with the resources we have. We aim to build a team of independent, driven, positive and closely knitted individuals who can work well under pressure and at the same time be passionate about what they do. Our team has been around for over ten years, bringing you the best in interior design and architecture.