What we do

CrossTrack is revolutionizing the way delivery is done - doing it "along the way" Singapore is a small but busy city. Someone is always travelling from one place to another. The unique purpose of CrossTrack is to bring together two sides; couriers and customers. Couriers all around Singapore are recruited to have an island-wide coverage. With the convenient and flexible courier workforce, we will be able to fulfil your local individual or business delivery needs. As an online service and mobile app, you will be able to track all your deliveries anytime anywhere.

Why we do

CrossTrack aims to provide an income opportunity for underprivileged families to improve their financial situation. By providing delivery jobs "along their way" to work or home we hope they can bring in a higher income in the long run.

How we do

CrossTrack partners with established logistics companies to provide you with a wide range of delivery services. We can do document courier services, retail distribution, events equiments moving, office/house moving, or even long term contract drivers and vehicles attachments. We bring the industry together in one place to serve you! We put our best effort into understanding your requirements and getting the best suited logistics partner to serve you. We do in-depth matching and profiling of your delivery requirements to our logistics partners. e.g. courier itself can be profiled into different category such as normal courier, time sensitive courier (use by mostly law firms), secured courier (use by banks and trading firms). By doing do, you ALWAYS get the best possible services.