What we do

Our core values.
【有系統學,你都可以做得到。】 其實考試可以好簡單,揸電單車可以好安全,馬路可以好舒適。經過多年嘅教學,我整理出一個清晰嘅教學系統,循序漸進幫新手學好駕駛。如果你希望徹底咁學好電單車,我好希望可以將經驗同知識分享俾你,見證你一步步成為一個有技術而且讓人放心嘅駕駛者! Anyone can learn to be a Motorcyclist. Many exams are very easy, and riding a motorcycle can be very safe, whereby roads can be very smooth. With my many years of experience, I have accounted for a concise system of learning to help transition new motorcyclists. If you wish to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly, I will gladly share my many years of knowledge to you, to see you grow and develop into a well-mannered motorcyclist.

Why we do

To gather experience, new learners are sent out on motorcycles around Hong Kong.
These students received their motorcycle certificates!
【學電單車,唔止係學考車。】 如果你只係以考試、考牌為目標,好大機會你合格都唔識揸;但係如果你以「學識揸電單車」為目標,你不但可以駕馭到考試,更可以保護自己同其他人嘅安全,真正享受電單車嘅樂趣。揸電單車,需要有穩定嘅技術駕馭機器,配合準確而靈活嘅路面判斷。我深信「知識」同「實戰訓練」缺一不可,有完整嘅知識根底,你先會明白點樣做每一個決定,從而喺實戰訓練入面反覆練習,變成良好嘅駕駛習慣。 We aspire to "Make people learn to ride motorcycles, rather than just getting their motorcycle licence." Many people just want to get their licences, but may not fully comprehend road safety. More than teaching individuals to ride motorcycles, we are teaching them the right attitude to have. From having proper road etiquette and motorcycle riding skills to enjoying riding motorcycles or protect others. Having knowledge versus having experience are two different things, at Fai Sir's, we want to encourage transforming one's experience into muscle memory, and eventually, one will form good habits.

How we do

We want to deliver the correct practices.
Nurturing the proper attitude in individuals.
我們團隊的使命:【用電單車連繫生命】,擁有同樣理念、熱愛電單車的你,歡迎加入我們!隨著超快的發展步伐,我們需要你的創意,引領團隊走得更遠!年齡、性別、學歷不拘,最重要喺你熱愛電單車教育,灌輸正確學電單車的態度,令香港道路變得更安全。 Our team's mission is to "Use motorcycles to connect lives". To connect like-minded, motorcycle loving individuals, to come and join us! Following our extreme growth, we need your innovation, to bring the team to soar. Regardless of age, sex or educational level, most importantly, your passion for motorcycles is what matters. To educate individuals with the correct attitude to ride motorcycles and enhance the road safety in Hong Kong.